Posted on 7th November 2018

Why your charity website needs to be secure

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Security is an increasingly important aspect of developing stable and sustainable websites. In this article we look at the reasons why your charity’s website needs to be hosted on a server using an SSL certificate.

1. Security

First and foremost is obviously website security. Websites hosted on HTTPS (rather than just HTTP) are significantly more protected from hackers and security breaches, with modern browsers now alerting visitors if a website has not taken adequate security measures.

Security alert in web browser
Google’s Chrome web browser now tells you if the website you’re visiting is not secure

2. SEO

Google wants to provide search results that are safe, and so as of this year the company has begun marking unsafe search results so that searchers can choose whether to visit the website or not. In the future, it is likely that Google will show preference to websites hosted on secure servers, so your site needs to be secure in order to future-proof your search engine rankings.

3. Trust

Not having a website secured by SSL certificate is detrimental not only to your website’s security but to the trust that others have in your organisation. Securing your website is relatively simple, and by doing so you’re telling your visitors that you care about their privacy and safety.

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Bonus tip

If your charity is applying for the Google Ad Grant your website must be hosted on a secure server. Need help with this? Get in touch!

What to do next

You can test how secure your website is by using this free online tool.

Every website that we build for charities is secured out of the box. In fact, we take security very seriously.

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