Charity SEO Training

Learn the core principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how you can utilise common best practices to get more visitors to your website and more supporters for your charity.

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Learn how to produce interesting content that engages readers, how to generate a buzz around your organisation as well as some of the more technical aspects of SEO.

Website with traffic coming from various external sources

What will you learn from this training?

This is an afternoon session and your key takeaways will be:

Who is this training for?

The session is ideal for those who produce website content, work in social media or run charity marketing campaigns. Trustees and senior staff may also be keen to learn more about what SEO means to their organisation.

Our sponsor


We are proud to sponsor this Charity Box training as it aligns with our goals of helping small organisations in the sector to engage more effectively with their champions, ambassadors, sponsors and stakeholders. Our sector-focused social media management tool aims to do just that and combined with this training session we hope to help many more organisations to become more fluent in digital best practices.

Training attendees get a special offer on the Lightful product which will be made available at the workshop.

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