Adding a blog post

What is a blog post?

A blog post is an item on your blog. Most organisations have a blog to keep their readers updated on their latest news. Your blog is essentially your personal newsfeed where you give people updates on things like funding wins, new recruits or changes in your sector.

Blog post best practices

Blog posts can, and unfortunately usually are, quite boring. We don’t want that! We want blog post content to be engaging and interesting, and actually serve your organisation in some way. Here are some top tips:

  • Write a short but punchy headline that makes people want to find out more
  • Include as many images or other media as you can to illustrate the written content
  • Pull content out into quotes to make it stand out
  • Organise your posts into categories to make it simple for readers to filter your content
  • Be sure to add post tags – this helps to group related content together
  • Keep it up to date – try not to let your blog go stale and unused, nobody wants to visit a blog where the latest post was written years ago.