SEO service for charities

SEO is about optimising your website and marketing channels to get more, sustainable website traffic, and to engage those visitors in order to create new donors and supporters.

Various sources sending traffic to your website

Our charity SEO service helps small non-profits to reach a wider audience.

There is a wealth of new donors out there who don't yet know that you exist. As people look for new charities to support, you may be overshadowed by the bigger players.

Our SEO for charities service will help you perform better in search engines like Google, so you get discovered by the right people, more often, enabling you to grow your supporters.

  • Audit

    We examine your website content and code, perform a backlink analysis and competitor research to assess how you are currently performing.

  • Strategy

    We work with you to resolve existing issues, identify opportunities and put in place expectations and goals for your charity's SEO campaign.

  • Measure

    We begin work putting your SEO strategy into practice, and iterate to measure, learn and improve. We involve you every step of the way.

What does a charity SEO strategy look like?

An SEO plan contains many moving parts and will be tailored to your charity based on your specific organisational goals.

Talk to us about your SEO goals

The issue that many small charities face is two-fold: they do not attract enough website visitors, and the ones who do arrive are not engaged. Our charity SEO service seeks to tackle both of these challenges by addressing on-page SEO, as well as finding opportunities on the wider web.

Our charity SEO service includes the following:

  • Locating newsworthy content to share on social media and press release websites
  • Seeking opportunities to link up with relevant organisations to share materials and insights
  • Building authority in your local area
  • Optimising your website to perform better in search engines.

Charity SEO must be holistic, cost-effective and measurable. By engaging us with your charity's SEO strategy, you can earn more supporters, raise more funds and have a greater impact.