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CRM integration for charities

Integrating a CRM database into your charity can take your communications to the next level, as well as save your staff plenty of admin time and headaches.

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Nurture relationships with stakeholders and supporters with a robust CRM database.

CRM requirements differ by organisation and vary from the super-simple to the mindbendingly complex.

Our CRM strategy and database integration service will equip your organisation with the right tools and support to ensure efficient, compliant communications with supporters.

  • Audit

    We conduct research with key stakeholders to understand the problems and opportunities around comms in your organisation.

  • Strategy

    We develop an integration and training strategy to ensure your organisation continues to make best use of the chosen solution.

  • Integrate

    We help to integrate web forms, communication touchpoints and materials that inform and inspire your supporters.

What does a charity CRM integration look like?

CRM requirements vary by organisation size and make-up, but the goal is always to improve the impact of communication.

Tell us about your CRM requirements

It's time to throw away the paper records and banish the spreadsheets – upgrade your charity with a new CRM database that is easy to use, manage and genuinely saves you time, money and energy.

CRM integration can be light-touch or involved, but it can help you manage your charity more effectively, become compliant with privacy laws and develop better supporter journeys.

Who we work with

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