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Website security? We've got you covered.

Security is often overlooked, but we take it very seriously. Find out how we make your charity website safe and sound.

Upgrades and security

The internet is a bit like the wild west when it comes to software security. There are best practices which often don’t get followed, exposing even big companies to the risk of fraud, data breaches and software attacks. There are few hard and fast rules, but there are many simple steps that organisations can take to protect themselves.

At Charity Box we take security seriously. As part of our monthly support service, you can rest easy knowing that your website:

  • Is hosted on a secure (SSL) server
  • Runs on up-to-date software, reducing the chance of compromise
  • Is backed-up frequently.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent and transparent customer care. In the unlikely event of anything going wrong, we would contact you at the earliest possible opportunity to detail the issue and let you know that we’re fixing it.

Want to learn more about how our web development services can help you, or just fancy a chat about website security 🤓? Get in touch now.