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Our tried and tested website delivery process.

Let us lead the way with our simple process for delivering a great website that you and your supporters will love.

Delivery process

When you work with us, we follow our tried and tested process to ensure we deliver a product that you’re happy with, and one that we are proud of. Here’s what you can expect from our delivery process:

1. First contact

We have a no-obligation discovery call with you to understand your project requirements and the overall goals of your charity. This is typically a phone or video call and takes no longer than 30 minutes.

2. Our proposal

Taking what we have learned about your organisational needs, we prepare a proposal document which outlines what we will do for you. This typically includes key website features and relevant timescales.

3. Contract and payment

When everything looks good and you’re comfortable moving forward, we ask you to sign a web development service contract and pay the website setup fee in full to secure the project.

4. Project start

We prepare a sitemap to outline the website structure and begin the work. Over the next few weeks we’ll ask for your input on various things. For example, we may need team photographs or some other content, or we might just want to check in with you to show you what’s being done.

5. Project feedback

At this point we’ll walk you through your new website and you’ll be given five working days to provide feedback. We may find that some content needs to be added or minor tweaks and improvements can be made, and we’ll strive to turn these around within 48 hours.

6. Launch and support

We’re ready to go! We’ll provide training for up to three of your team members in one short session via video. We’ll launch your website at your chosen domain name and your support service agreement will kick in.