Mobile design mockups

Mobile-friendly web design for charities.

It is critical that your website works across a myriad of devices and screen sizes. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Mobile-friendly design

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007 it ushered in a completely new way of consuming information on the web. Until this point, doing anything on the internet via a mobile phone was largely impractical, but ten years later, 2017 saw mobile usage overtake desktop for the first time.

More people will visit your website on a tablet or mobile device than laptop or desktop PC.

This step forward in technology meant that suddenly websites needed to be “mobile optimised” to work on smaller screens. Since then, every screen size imaginable has appeared – from wrist watches to huge, internet-connected TVs – and making content clear and accessible across this sea of devices is still a tricky task.

Examples of various screen sizes to demonstrate responsive web design, from desktop to watch

At Charity Box we strive to ensure that your website will work on mobile phones and tablets, to laptops and desktop PCs. This technique is called “responsive web design” and we use it to ensure all your website visitors can access your valuable information, wherever they are, and whatever device they are using.

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