Charity website support service

When we build and launch your new website we also provide an ongoing service to ensure you continue to get value from it. This is a fixed fee service of £70+VAT per month and this is exactly what you get:

Software security updates

We work with an open source CMS (content management system) called WordPress – you’ve most likely heard of it. It’s a great tool for building websites and it makes it easy for you to edit the website yourself.

Because WordPress is so popular (nearly a third of all websites run on it) it makes it a particular target for hackers. It is absolutely vital, therefore, that the system be upgraded as soon as new updates become available in order to prevent exploits. Our support service ensures that your website will always be kept updated with the latest security patches, removing the need for you to be concerned about security.

Website hosting

Website hosting – the place where your website “lives” – comes in a huge number of flavours. You’ll find bargain hosting for £5/month up to many hundreds.

Our hosting platform is based in Manchester in the UK and is managed, meaning you do not need to worry about additional costs or dealing with call centre staff should a service outage occur. Our support service includes fast, reliable web hosting for your charity website and guarantees 99% up-time.

Customer support

Our mission is to help charities make the most of being online. Struggling to do something with your website? Simply get in touch and we’ll help. Need some minor tweaks or changes to your website? Just ask. Want our thoughts on some marketing campaign you’re running? We’ll gladly have a chat with you.

Our customer support service goes above and beyond the necessary. We are here when you need us to help out in any way we can. Sometimes that will be by giving advice, getting directly involved or signposting you to a specialist supplier.

Like the sound of us working together? Send your enquiry now.