Why is Charity Box so competitively priced?

We’ve discussed how much a charity website costs on other pages but here we’d like to explain why Charity Box is such a low cost charity website design solution.

As you may know, Charity Box operates on a fixed-fee basis which includes website design, hosting and support. There are three reasons why we can afford to price our service so competitively, and still deliver highly effective results:

  • We work exclusively in the third sector
  • We follow stringent development processes
  • We utilise open source software

We work exclusively with the third sector

We build and host websites for charities, and that is what we specialise in. Unlike most web design agencies, we don’t work with organisations across the board, and we try to limit our services to smaller charities in order to give them the leg up they need in digital without costing too much.

Because we have chosen to focus on a niche market in this way our development process has been streamlined to save costs which we can pass onto our customers.

We follow stringent development processes

As described above, because we target only UK charities, our development process is efficient and repeatable on a per-project basis. This is largely because most charities have similar needs — they want to make it easy for visitors to donate, build awareness of their brand or provide information and support to service users.

In most cases development is not a lengthy process and by following six simple steps we can fulfil the needs of most charities.

We use open source software

WordPress is the world’s most popular website building software. It is free to use and can be extended and modified as needed. Because the development community around WordPress is so large, many common tools are available to build highly functional websites relatively quickly.

We use our knowledge and expertise to select the right tools for the job and configure them to meet our customer’s requirements.