How much does a charity CRM cost?

A charity CRM can cost as little as £15 per month. These are usually priced per user. Other CRMs charge by number of records and cost from £70 per month, and scale upward depending on how much data you wish to store.

However, HubSpot offers a free CRM. The free version is basic, and you can create data capture forms and track new donors, but if you require more sophisticated functionality such as the ability to bulk email your contacts, you need to spend more money. This typically starts at around £40 per month.

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Why does my charity need a CRM?

The easier situation to envisage is one where you don’t have a CRM. For many smaller organisations, it may still be common practice to keep donor records in spreadsheets or even as printed hard copies.

What a CRM database does is digitise your contacts and allows you to intelligently keep in touch with them. Moreover, sophisticated setups allow you to easily pull reports on who engages with you the most, what they respond to and how often. This enables you to build stronger connections with your supporters and ultimately raise more money for your charity.

Without some CRM software in place, your charity risks getting left behind or becoming overwhelmed with scattered information.