Posted on 10th September 2018

3 easy ways to raise money for charity online

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Do you want to raise money for charities but worry you don’t have the time, money or energy to help out? Thanks to some innovative online enterprises, you can help donate money to good causes with the tap of your keyboard!

Fundraising is vitally important for charities of all sizes, and in this article we’re going to tell you about three super easy ways you can get involved and help causes you care about.

Search the web and plant trees

Ecosia is a search engine that aims to rival Google, not just by providing excellent search results but by planting trees using the profits it makes from user searches.

shot of Ecosia website
For every 45 recorded searches, Ecosia plants a tree

At time of writing the organisation proudly claims to have planted over 37 million trees across Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. You can search from their website or install their handy Google Chrome plugin (which is pretty ironic when you think about it), and it takes approximately 45 searches to plant one tree. What are you waiting for, get searching!

Give to charity by shopping online

Give as you Live is an online marketplace that has partnered with over 4000 leading stores. As a shopper you simply sign up, browse for products and whenever you buy something, the store donates a small amount to charity with no extra cost to you.

Screen shot of Give as you Live website
Donate money to charity with no extra cost to you

The platform has over 200,000 charities to choose from and is completely free to use. So go shop!

Work charitable giving into your exercise regime

Supported by corporate sponsors such as Johnson & Johnson, Charity Miles is a mobile app that measures how much you move (cycling, running, walking etc) by using your phone’s GPS. Based on how much you move, the app works out how much to donate to your chosen charity. The company boasts to have generated over $2.5 million for charities all through the apps users working good causes into their sport or exercise sessions!

Make a difference - a screenshot of the Charity Miles website

Find out more about how Charity Miles works.